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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  August 21, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> fighting between israel and hamas rages on. a predawn airstrike has killed three members of the armed wing. have and five members vowed to make israel pay. the strikes left a wife and baby dead. commanders have been targeted in the past few days. >> the reason israel targeted them was because it was able to. it had information about where
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the family would be monday night and had information about where these three commanders were beating. last night, when israel's prime ministers spoke, since then, he has praised the intelligence services and thanked them for their tireless work. and today we have reports of the palestinian media that hamas has been so rattled by this they have arrested 10 people and summarily executed three of them. for involvement, it says, and passing information to israel. it may not have actually come from those people. israel took some prisoners of war during the ground offensive. the information could have come from them or other sources, but that gives a feeling of how sensitive and tense it is inside of gaza. >> where does this leave us in the conflict? has it diminished the chances of fighting ending anytime soon? >> that is a good question. at the moment, egypt says the door is open, but nobody is
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going through the open door. --ay we saw prell palestinian president mahmoud abbas in qatar. we're seeing the involvement of a front channel that perhaps could lead to something. it is another player, another involvement. on the ground we see heartache, rockets coming into israel, including one into jerusalem, and continuing airstrikes on the gaza strip. airstrikes have launched fresher strikes against islamic state militants in iraq despite threats from the group to kill a second american captive. u.s. fighters and drones provided air force is to kurdish and iraqi forces. tuesday, a video showing the beheading of journalist james foley was posted online. the militants threatened to kill another american reporter. the u.s. attorney general said the criminal investigation into
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fully's -- into james foley's death will begin. tributes have been flooding in from around the world. of james foleyg has prompted widespread horror. among the reactions, a former print cost -- a former french hostage that was held with james fully in syria. determined to stay optimistic, to keep his spirits and ours up. >> the united states says a andue mission to save foley other hostages this summer failed. that disclosure is the first time u.s. has revealed its troops have been fighting isis on the ground. barack obama urged a united effort against islamic extremism. >> the governments and peoples across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. a clears to be
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rejection of these nihilistic ideologies. one thing we can all agree on is a group like isil has no place in the 21st century. murderer thought to be a british national, david cameron says there must not be a knee-jerk reaction, ruling out a ground operation. he says the u.k. will respond. >> it is time for what britain always shows in the circumstances, which is resolved. we have defeated terrorism, extremism, threats to our country before, and we will defeat them again if we show that resolved but also patients. muchrmany, after hesitation, is prepared to send weapons to help kurdish forces fight isis militants in northern iraq. >> two american it aid workers have beenith ebola discharged from hospital in the u.s. after recovering from the virus. they received an experimental drug called see map -- called
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zmapp. a spanish priest to also took a medicine passed away. american aid workers expressed gratitude to their family and supporters. today is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family. and i have heard story after story of how the situation has impacted the lives of individuals around the globe. both among my friends and family and also complete strangers. i cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support. >> south africa has banned souths from guinea, africa, and sierra leone from entering the country. its own citizens are returning from high risk countries, but it will be used -- but they will be subjected to strict screening. has put off a lot of
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people from traveling to the african continent. >> they may be thousands of kilometers from the ebola outbreak in west africa, but countries as far east as kenya and as far south as south africa are feeling the aftershocks of the crisis. away fromre turning the continent in the thousands africa's 54 four of countries having confirmed cases of the disease. >> the notion is we are all the same. whena similar sentiment there have been other outbreaks of violence somewhere in kenya. , people in violence canada think it is not safe to fly to africa, not to kenya. tosome operators say that up 80% of their customers from asia have canceled their trips this
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summer. travel agents believe many of those will have been put off having witnessed their own 02idemics such as sars in 20 and more recently the h1n1 flu virus. visitors from the u.s., south america, and europe are scrapping their plans en masse. say, but ificult to would say probably close to about 2000 passenger so far. tourists 10 million visited south africa in 2013. a further million traveled to kenya. in both countries, the industry accounts for more than 10% of their gdp. >> ireland's health service is carrying out tests on a suspected case of ebola when a deceased person that recently returned from africa. ae sample will be sent to laboratory for testing. ireland said the risk of transmission of the disease is
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extremely low. in the u.s., tensions seem to sourisimmered down in mis following a visit from u.s. attorney eric holder, who is promising a full investigation and into the unarmed black teenager michael brown by a white lease officer. the police have been criticized for their military style approach. one officer has been suspended indefinitely for pointing his military style assault rifle at demonstrators. >> an inflammatory threat from an officer deployed to keep the peace. policemen in ferguson repeatedly pointed his weapon at protesters and members of the media. >> later gunned down. -- lay your gun down. >> stop pointing your gun! away by eventually led
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the county police sergeant. the authorities say the actions werehe officer involved deplorable and he has been suspended indefinitely. behavior that disrespected his uniform and all the men and women who come out here each and every day in a dedicated effort to keep ferguson a better place for all. >> tensions between residents and the local police have seen street protests turn violent since the shooting of an unarmed black teenager almost two weeks ago. dozens have been arrested. riot police have fired tear gas. shootinge concerns the of a second black man on tuesday in st. louis could have exacerbated the situation. robbery,uspected of seen here, approach the police brandishing a knife, urging the officers to shoot him. >> shoot me! >> so far his death has had little or no impact on the
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protests in ferguson. nighttrators wednesday only had six arrests, compared with almost 50 the night before. to delve intonue the story, joined on skype by a law professor at st. louis university. thank you very much for speaking with us. the police and ferguson have come underscore me for their conduct. they are saying they are militarized, now an officer suspended for pointing his gun at demonstrators. what needs to be done to bring the police into line? >> the attorney general's visit has helped. peaceful demonstrators have been there. i get the sense things are winding down. many people in ferguson say their mistrust of the police is a majority of the force is white while the community is predominantly black. how can the imbalance be overcome. what can be done to restore their trust into the police force?
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>> i think ultimately, there has frank uway to 53 to missable police department currently operating, including ferguson and many others, need to come under a unified command. merger of these tiny municipal police forces. >> why? can you explain further why that would help the situation? st. louis county, the we phil, indianapolis, these other communities have a single unified department. st. louis city has that. i think the difficulty of adequately staffing, training, monitoring the actions of 53 different police departments, shows this kind of fragmentation. >> do you think there are more police out there perhaps moving to different stations who perhaps should not be on the
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force at the moment because of bad behavior? you, thelet me tell officer who was pointing the gun that you reported on was actually not a artisan police officer. he came from a community called sane and. -- he was not a ferguson police officer, he came from st. anne,. it was handled well by ron johnson in the missouri highway patrol. >> there has also been criticism of president obama. some comes out strongly, people may say it's because he's black. if he does not, some people say he is not living up to expectations. i do you think he has handled the situation? >> comparing his action with attorney general holder is quite different. they are quite different personalities. i think president obama is trying to be the president for all, plus his personality is such and he has not had the background of attorney general holder, who has had several stops in his younger days
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exactly like what happened to michael brown. >> roger goldman, thank you very much for joining us on live from paris. betweenne, a fighting separatist rebels and the government continue in the east of the country. clashes have been reported this thursday a day after they claimed they had captured much of the rebel stronghold. the city has been under siege 19 days without basic amenities like running water and electricity. a russian aid convoy is finally on its way there after being held up for nearly a week as kiev says vehicles are rearming the rebels. lorries move, forward towards the ukrainian checkpoint, carrying much-needed supplies for the residents in eastern ukraine. the massive convoy of about 260 trucks has been stuck at the border for about a week. >> why is it taking so long?
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>> there are political issues to take into account which need to be resolved. >> ukrainian authorities have been deeply suspicious of the russian convoy. that could be a cover for smuggling supplies to separatist militants. both kiev and the west accuse moscow of arming and supporting the rebel since fighting began in april. this comes three days after an agreement was reached over the conditions of aid delivery. the international red cross has sent 35 staff to help smooth the way. the agency says the extradition of goods to the affected population should start friday. >> we remind all parties that under international humanitarian rule, the parties to the conflict must respect and protect humanitarian relief personnel, in particular zones
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displaying the red cross emblem. >> heavy fighting continues in rebel held eastern regions. dozens died in violence near donetsk. live from stories on paris -- a heavy blow to hamas. israeli warplanes kill three top commanders of the islamist movement, dozens more died in gaza as fighting goes on. islamic state militants, the u.s. orders more airstrikes in northern iraq after the beheading of an american journalist. , ana miraculous day american doctor, as he and another aid worker have recovered from ebola. time now for the business news. hello. we begin with the top is this story, a record fine for bank of america. >> the fine claims that the bank
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misled investors into toxic mortgage loans during the 2000 eight subprime crisis. bank of america has agreed to billion, 7 billion of which will be used for consumer dividedthe rest in cash between a civil penalty and compensation payments. let's take a quick listen to the u.s. attorney general eric holder. --i want to be very clear the size and scope of this multibillion-dollar agreement goes far beyond the cost of doing business. this outcome does not preclude any criminal charges against the bank or its employees. these financial institutions knowingly and fraudulently marked and sold these loans as sound and reliable investments. >> stern words from the government, but that did not seem to hurt bank of america shares, up over 3% in morning trading. let's look at how the rest of wall street is doing.
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stocks in the u.s. are on the rise thanks to economic data, jobless claims falling 14 thousand last week. the s&p 500 with a record high today with a spotlight on the u.s. state of wyoming. traders around the world buddy watching as central bankers gather in jackson hole, eager to see if there is any hint about future monetary policy. u.k., stock market saw a drop in consumer spending in july. you're on your for the first time since records began in 19 needed nine. -- year on year for the first time since 1989. it raises questions about britain's growth prospects. been pointed at price wars between grocery teams but also the talent on their soccer teams. it has had a spillover effect from june into july. a different story in france. food spending has fallen, leading to prices for fruit dropping 12%, vegetables dropping 3%. inspending has decreased
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2014 for two reasons. ,e had a cold and rainy summer and we know by experience and those kind of summers that spending tends to go down. household purchasing power has suffered from the economic crisis the world is going through. ebola virus is hitting the economy of the west african country sierra leone. they rely heavily on their mining center. two massive projects pushed iron to more thann up fro 6.5 million tons in 2012, driving growth. thoserew 15% and 20% in two years, but they sure they're forecasting 11% growth, revised down to 8%. the government is trying to keep companies from pulling out from the mining sector. some of the mining companies,
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most of them continue operations. because of the outbreak of the , the insurance has now increased. some of these companies are refusing to go. >> one mine retail giant amazon has been looking to asia for expansion opportunities. the company plans to set up operations in the shanghai free-trade zone. though it's not yet finalized, the deal would allow them to import roddick's into china which would otherwise be difficult for consumers to find. amazon will open a logistics center in the zone. amazonmine retail giant is wrapping -- ramping up its presence in china, hoping to take advantage of less stringent trade regulations to sell a wide range of products in the country. chargesll have lower
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and faster delivery coming into the free trade. there will be many benefits. >> e-commerce in china has been dominated by domestic player aly baba. amazon's expansion comes as international retailers are trying to bring in international consumers. china enjoyones in more relaxed import/export regulations than the rest of the country. shanghai is one of china's boldest reforms in decades and is expected to receive a boost with amazon's arrival. amazon's expansion into the area will promote innovation in the free-trade zone operations. chinazon's presence in has not been without problems. in march the company was forced to shut a third-party online store after state media reported fake cosmetics were sold. the expansion comes at a time when foreign tech companies like microsoft and qualcomm have increased scrutiny in china. >> that is it for the business
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news. i will be back in about an hour. >> think you very much for that, william. time for a check on the top trends online, including calls for a media blackout of the video of the murder of james foley. ♪ >> hello and welcome to the web news. these are the stories making online headlines. coming up on today show -- calls for an isis media blackout following james foley's execution. an online campaign providing food for the children of ferguson. this video is extremely disturbing. don't show it. don't be part of isis propaganda. these are the kinds of messages people have been posting after the beheading from the islamic
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state uploading the gruesome video of the beheading of american journalist james foley. this was published tuesday on retaliation, supposedly, for the airstrikes in northern iraq. it has been met with deep outrage and widespread shock online. many have taken to social networks to condemn what they described as a barbaric and grotesque act. they are urging others not to watch or share the video and have mounted a twitter campaign in a bid to stop the spread of the the footage. web users have been paying tribute to james foley, sharing photos of him at work, honoring his contribution, hailing his bravery and sense of duty. state militants have
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been issuing threats on twitter over the past month, saying there will be further acts of vengeance if the u.s. continues its airstrike campaign. dailying to the new york news, twitter is trying to silence this type of propaganda and has deleted isis-linked accounts. a crowd from the campaign has raised over $75,000 to help pay for meals for the children of , missouri. students going back to school thursday. public schools have been closed because of widespread civil unrest following the shooting of an unarmed black teenager, michael brown, on august 9. as this teacher explains by twitter, many students depend on school programs to provide them with free or reduced cost breakfast and lunch. no school can mean no meals for children from america's low income families.
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the north carolina-based teacher started a campaign of on fund may to make sure the children of ferguson get proper meals. over 2000 have donated to the campaign. the movement began on facebook and twitter under the feed the students hashtag. all contributions will be given to the st. louis food bank. they have been tasked with giving the food to the ferguson families in need. well-known photographer michael miller has been sharing scores of shots on instagram to help raise awareness of the fact sharks are in danger of extinction. these exceptional scenes captured across the globe are proving hugely popular online,
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drawing over 28,000 followers. ♪ the average american drinks about 600 soft drinks per year. germany boasts 1000 different types of sausage. 1.1 milliononsume begets every day. these are just some of the 100 fax around the world, featured in this info graphic. 80,000 umbrellas are lost every japanese mobile phones are waterproof so they can be used in the shower. ♪ here is an original way to campaign against internet censorship. a virtual private network has created a range of roddick's from -- a range of products that
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feature world leaders with a reputation for clipping down on web freedom. the likes of vladimir putin and kim jong-un.
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[captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! he fell on his knees. he shot him in the eye and in the head and both arms down here. >> are you participating in a protest? >> yes. i got teargas to everything. could not even breathe, but i made it out, though. answer, don't shoot, is all i got to say. >> rik


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